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What your package contains

ACCELERATE AND OPTIMIZE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR COMPUTER. Lumineux Informatik technicians can delete unnecessary files, optimize settings, fix hard drive issues, and help troubleshoot other issues that could affect your computer's performance.

Boost the startup of your computer Your computer is taking too long to start? Lumineux Informatik technicians can defrag your hard drive and optimize the speed and capacity of your computer.

Software malfunction and pop-up Error message, virus, blue screens, ad page and computer performance is very slow? These are factors that are generally troublesome and can interfere with your daily tasks. Lumineux Informatik technicians can diagnose and identify the source of these errors and repair them in less than 24 hours.

Repair and Maintenance Do you have problems with your printer, router, or modem? Lumineux Informatik technicians have perfect control over the maintenance of your computer accessories.

Remove viruses and spyware Unfortunately, there is no browser that is 100% secure. It's not all the time of your fault. The Internet can be a dangerous place. Your computer may have viruses, spyware, or malware! We will identify and delete infected files and allow you to have a safer browsing experience.

Avoid crashing your computer (Blue screen) Hard disk problems, viruses, or other computer threats that could cause unwanted freezes, blue screens, unexpected reboots, or persistent error messages. Lumineux Informatik technicians can easily fix these errors.