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Enterprise Data Management Lumineux Informatik is concentrated on formation of precise, reliable and see-through data information for its clienteles. It highlights data usability for its envisioned drive and spectators. Softinator TechLabs assists you to encounter the enterprise data management goals to deliver data guarantee with respect to security, excellence and availability. Client Challenges Extremely discrete, disjointed and repeated statistics – No enterprise interpretation No criterions on within and outwardly produced data – Low Data superiority Practice of dissimilar technologies for applying same procedures in diverse department Terminology and standardization matters – Absence of consolidated Metadata management Non-united procedures and info – poor Master data management Unrestrained and/or illegal usage of data – Data security issues Absence of supremacy and possession of data assets Confidentiality, lawful and controlling compliance What Lumineux Informatik Provides Lumineux Informatik services deliver procedures, best practices and confirmed answers wrapping all facets of enterprise data management. We fetch proficiency and practice in employing data management solutions for client. For Lumineux Informatik, the EDM policy is reinforced by mainstay including six constituents: Data architecture Data quality management Metadata management Master data management Data security Data governance Business Value Lumineux Informatik experience of the professional carters of data management approach and services originates with our understanding in undertaking the whole development of data assets. We realize that for our client data is not just any object but a valuable strength and at LUMINEUX Informatik we attempt to keep it secure, available and serviceable for our client. Our complete Enterprise Data Management Framework helps deliver following services: Attain structural alignment on the control of data management concerns during the enterprise Describe and apply data architecture surrounding data modeling, data flow analysis, tuning, storage, visualization, and infrastructure Classify, apply and preserve a sole, united vision of reference data through the enterprise Guarantee data security, with safety strategies and procedures Launch procedures that safeguard decent quality data on a steady and reliable foundation.